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# Subject Posted On Extras Details
1 FOR SALE: dog kennel 10/11/2012 small camera icon Details
for sale
2 FOR SALE: mmmmmmmm 03/04/2012 small camera icon Details
3 Dog Grooming 01/02/2011 Details
Dog Grooming Available
4 FOR SALE: Doberman Puppies 07/23/2010 small camera icon Details
Nice little pupplies.
5 FOR SALE: doggies! 07/21/2010 Details
buy my dogs
6 FOR SALE: Special Breed 03/23/2010 Details
7 FOR SALE: puppy litter 03/17/2009 Details
test puppies ad for sale
8 FOR SALE: DOGG! 11/11/2008 Details
9 FOR RENT: Do you really want a big dog 09/01/2008 Details
Before committing yourself tio a big dog - try mine for a day and make sure you will be able to cope.
10 WANTED: cute doggie 07/12/2008 small camera icon Details
looking for a cute doggie

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